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  • Breakbulk plays a key role in the commercial activity within the Zeeland ports. Zeeland Seaports offers the flexibility to process a wide range of breakbulk cargo quickly, efficiently and for optimum costs. Not only thanks to unhindered access from the sea and a trimodal connection to the hinterland, but definitely also due to the presence of specialist logistics service providers.

  • Strong clusters

    Within Europe, Zeeland Seaports has acquired a leading role as storage and handling location for wood pulp and aluminium, for example. Partly as a result of this, the clusters forest products and metals are very well represented in the Zeeland ports. These clusters are only growing stronger because companies in the port dare to invest in expanding and modernising their capacity.

    Room for growth

    Zeeland Seaports sees opportunities for growth when it comes to breakbulk. The leading role it already occupies in a number of market sectors serves as an example of how the Zeeland port can grow further in the storage and handling of other types of cargo, such as metals.

    The developments in world trade and the changing logistical concepts demand more space in seaports. This also applies to a seaport that has efficient access by inland shipping, coastal shipping, rail and road transport. Zeeland Seaports can offer this space and these distribution possibilities. Furthermore, the shipping companies benefit from our central location and the shorter sailing times.  


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