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Liquid Bulk

Liquid Bulk

  • Liquid bulk continues to play an important role in the ports of Zeeland. That is apparent, among other things, from the investments various companies have made in the liquid bulk sector in recent times. Despite the adverse economic climate, they chose precisely this period to build on the future.

  • Growth in tank storage

    There has been plenty of expansion and modernisation in tank storage and terminal facilities for liquid bulk in both Vlissingen and Terneuzen. For example by companies active in the storage and handling of petrochemical products or vegetable oils and fats. Zeeland also saw the arrival of a new storage facility for liquid fertilizer. A welcome addition to the fertilizer cluster that has an ever stronger presence in the Zeeland ports. 

    Sustainable future

    Where it can, the Zeeland Seaports port authority supports these new developments. The jetty capacity in the Braakmanhaven has been substantially expanded, for instance, as a result of which more vessels can tranship their liquid bulk. And Zeeland Seaports has its sights set on a sustainable future. Biopark Terneuzen, the green heart of the Zeeland ports, is putting a lot of effort into biofuels and the use of residual heat.    


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